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Animal Friends, a premier companion animal resource center, is committed to nurturing and promoting the animal-human bond through outreach, education and therapeutic programming and creating a community where our relationship with companion animals is guided by compassion.  Animal Friends’ vision is to: reduce the number of unwanted animals through aggressive spay/neuter programs; provide for the well-being of companion animals in need, while adhering to our no-kill tradition, and find each a lifelong, loving home; promote the animal-human bond through outreach, education and therapeutic programming; and, act as an advocate on behalf of animals in crisis and as an enforcer of their rights and protection.

Today, Animal Friends is uniquely prepared to serve as a leader in compassionate, pet-focused programming. From creative kenneling for the comfort of our animals to innovative community outreach and education programs, Animal Friends is proud to embrace the community with open arms and creative, pet-centered solutions for a kinder future for our region.

For more information, visit www.thinkingoutsidethecage.org
The Animal Rescue League Shelter and Wildlife Center was formed in 1909 by a group of citizens with a shared concern for both animal welfare and the public health. Since opening our doors in 1910, we have remained true to our mission of helping all animals in need, regardless of species or breed. We adhere to a strict philosophy of accepting all species, and our ability to provide care for such a wide variety of creatures makes the Animal Rescue League truly unique. We are the only organization in the region with the ability to care for both wild and companion animals. At our Shelter, we care for and find permanent, loving homes for dogs, cats and other companion animals. We have no time limit on an animal’s stay with us – we keep all healthy and friendly companion animals until they are adopted. At our Wildlife Center, we rehabilitate wild animals native to Pennsylvania that have been harmed or displaced by encounters with man. Our Veterinary Clinic serves pets & their owners who otherwise may not be able to afford veterinary care and has an active client base of over 9,000 pets.

In 2012, the Animal Rescue League and the City of Pittsburgh celebrated 100 years of partnership. We accept every animal that is apprehended by the City’s Animal Care and Control bureau, treat every Pittsburgh Police K-9 officer, and fully participate in the City’s free spay/neuter program.

As an Open Door shelter, no animal is ever refused shelter at the Animal Rescue League. Between our Shelter and Wildlife Center, we take in over 13,000 animals annually, and 15% of our animals come to us because they were turned away from limited admission shelters. With an Open Door policy, our presence is critical to the community. Without us, sick or injured animals would be left to suffer needlessly and dangerous animals would be left loose to roam the streets. Last year alone our Shelter found homes for almost 7,000 animals and our Wildlife Center treated over 2,500 injured wild animals native to Pennsylvania. Our Veterinary Clinic spayed or neutered over 7,000 dogs, cats, and rabbits.  For more information, visit

The Western PA Humane Society (WPHS) is proud to be an open door animal shelter - we welcome any animal, regardless of age, breed, temperament, or medical condition.  Founded in 1874, we are the longest standing animal welfare organization in the Western Pennsylvania region.  WPHS offers programs and services that seek to enhance the lives of pets and their owners, strive towards ending animal cruelty, and educate individuals in our region about how to be more empathetic and civically involved.  Our organization takes in over 8,000 animals every year, and we estimate that we serve ten percent of the residents of Allegheny County annually.

The Western PA Humane Society is devoted to the betterment of our entire region, creating a kinder, safer, and more compassionate community.  WPHS is a resource center, providing people in our region with medical and behavioral support for their animals, as well as financial support for themselves and their families.  WPHS performs this mission by offering an array of programs and services, including: sheltering, adoptions, and fostering; low-cost medical clinic and spay/neuter services; humane investigations; humane education; pet food pantry; veteran’s program; obedience and training classes.

Whether abandoned, abused, neglected, or in need of assistance due to financial, behavioral, or medical issues, the WPHS serves individuals and animals in our community from all walks of life.  For more information, please visit our website at www.wpahumane.org

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